About Us

Welcome to Confidante Co., where brands come alive with purpose and power.

We build brand experiences that evoke emotions, forge lasting connections, and drive impactful results - both in hearts and on the balance sheet. With our proven 7-Step Confident Brand Method™, we blend creativity and strategy to elevate your business from unnoticed to unforgettable.

01 - Brand Strategy:

Your brand's North Star. Through a comprehensive exploration of your business and target audience, we craft a strategic roadmap that creates unparalleled clarity. This foundation serves as the guiding force behind your brand's transformation from obscurity to recognition.

02 - Brand Messaging Strategy

By diving deep into your brand's core values, unique proposition, and ideal customers, we formulate a messaging strategy that resonates on a profound level. The result is a powerful brand voice that bridges connections and fosters genuine engagement.


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Our Values

Guided by Innovation, Defined by Authenticity:

We believe that innovation should never sacrifice authenticity. That's why we're committed to being your confidante, guiding visionary entrepreneurs like you towards strategic, creative solutions that amplify your brand's unique point of view. In a world of trends, we stand as your steadfast partner, ensuring your brand remains true to its authentic roots.

Crafting Futures, Beyond a Brand:

We understand that your business isn't just about today; it's about shaping tomorrow. Our partnership isn't a transaction; it's an investment in your journey towards lasting success.

Partnership, Not Just Projects:

Our work together isn't just business; it's a true partnership. With shared entrepreneurial roots, we understand what drives you. Our commitment to partnership means your success is our success, and we're dedicated to propelling your brand forward with purpose.

Straight Talk, No B.S., Total Transparency:

Our commitment to you is built on honest and direct communication – we tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Our partnership is grounded in transparency, ensuring that every step we take together is backed by integrity and a shared vision for your brand's success. We expect the same level of open dialogue from our clients, creating a collaborative environment that drives meaningful progress.

The Team

Experience the Confidante Co. difference as we revolutionize the agency model. Unlike other agencies that often depend on outsourced contractors, we distinguish ourselves as a seasoned team with a proven track record of collaboration and success.

Based across the US and Europe, our core team’s diverse backgrounds in culture and career transcend borders, ensuring unrivaled uniqueness in crafting your new brand.


USA & portugal


Art director
UTRECHT, netherlands




Chicago, illinois


project manager
Tampa, florida

  • Alyssa, Founder/Creative Director
  • Abby, Design Specialist
  • Alex, Project Manager
  • Dana, ESQ PLLC, Intellectual Property Counsel
  • Brennan, Copy and Messaging Strategist
  • Maxime, Art Director
  • Founder/Creative Director
  • Castro Capital
  • The Better Group
  • Fool Inc
  • Astronaut Gum
  • Cadbury Ice