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Cherry Valley Holistics


The Confident Brand Method™:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Strategic Brand Messaging
  • Packaging Design
  • Illustration Design
  • E-commerce Design and Development (Shopify)
  • Custom Calculator Development
  • Subscription Design and Development
  • Subscription Strategy
  • Subscription Email Strategy and Design
  • Trademark Searches & Filing

Project Info


Ashley, founder of Cherry Valley Holistics, faced a significant challenge: her pet food company's website was outdated, and her subscription management process was entirely manual. Despite having an existing logo, Ashley lacked cohesive branding and digital assets to propel her business forward. With newly revamped formulas developed over years in collaboration with pet nutritionists, CHV's fresh line of products required a modern digital presence and updated packaging design.

The result? A sleek Shopify website with a client login portal and subscription tools, alongside a custom feeding calculator ensuring precise portioning with every order. We revitalized the CVH branding, infusing packaging with vibrant colors and compelling copy to communicate brand vaules of authenticity and transparency.

With this transformation, Cherry Valley Holistics transitioned from a dated operation to a dynamic, customer-focused brand on Shopify. Now poised to compete in the rapidly growing pet food industry, they've optimized internal processes and are ready to soar to new heights in the online market.

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