An Oasis For The Decaffinated




  • Brand Strategy
  • Strategic Brand Messaging
  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Photo/Video Art Direction
  • Shoot Coordination

Project Info

From its inception, Pilgrim, a dynamic startup in the coffee scene, recognized the importance of a strong brand identity in creating a passionate community of followers. Pilgrim teamed up with Confidante Co. to establish a brand that would captivate coffee connoisseurs right from the start. Our collaboration was centered around the idea of transforming Pilgrim into a place where coffee lovers not only savor exceptional brews but also become part of a dedicated community.

Through meticulous branding efforts, spanning logo design, packaging, and interior aesthetics, we’ve succeeded in elevating Pilgrim beyond a typical coffee shop. It’s a movement where each cup of coffee is a work of art, and every customer is a pilgrim on a delightful journey to caffeination and community.

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